The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey (Adoption)

Jamie is joined by Jessica Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame and they talk adoption, gardening, beehives, the book she wrote with her husband and so much more...

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My guest for Happy Hour #88 is Amy from The Bobby Bones Show. Amy and I met several years ago during my short-lived career in radio. Since then, she and her team have gained a ton of popularity and have millions of listeners today. Most of you, I imagine, are among those millions and are familiar with Amy and The Bobby Bones Show. If not, make sure to check them out and tune in for some hilarious morning show listening.

One of the best parts of my conversation with Amy was getting the chance to hear a story from her with so much detail, honesty and vulnerability...without her co-hosts adding their commentary. Don't get me wrong. I love me some Bobby and Lunchbox, but sometimes we girls need our time without the jokers. Am I right?

Amy shares her experience of being a military wife and how protecting the health of their marriage led them to make some difficult decisions. She and her husband have struggled with infertility and are now pursuing adoption. She shares what the journey has been like for them, how God led her husband to adoption through a book and now how they are in the final steps of adopting two children from Haiti. Lastly, Amy shares the story of her mom's brave fight against cancer. If you've listened to her show, no doubt, you've heard how close Amy and her mom were. As she shares her story, how her father was in and out of the picture for so long, how she and her sister took care of her in her final days, I am confident that you will be moved by the themes of strength, grace to forgive and selflessness - both from Amy and her mother.

I already knew I loved Amy, but this conversation...gracious. I've only cried a few times on my show and turns out, this is one of them. Amy has been so faithful to use her platform to share her stories and to point her listeners to her rock and her salvation. I know you will love hearing from her.


Links from the Show

Hospice Austin's Christopher House

Austin Ridge Bible Church

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Bare Bones by Bobby Bones + Adopted for Life by Russell Moore + Everybody's Got Something by Robin Roberts

Kimberly Snyder and her Hot Water and Lemon

What Amy is loving: Clue App, Glowing Green Smoothie and Shauna Niequist's Savor

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Jamie talks with author, speaker and adoptive mom, Rachel Garlinghouse about health, adoption and Honest Toddlers.

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Jamie talks with writer/entrepreneur Rachel Hollis about work, the illusion of having it all together and fostering.

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Jamie talks with Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty about fame, family and adoption.

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Jamie talks with fellow podcaster Mandy Rose about her Vegas marriage, being a newlywed without her husband for over a year and adoption...

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Jamie talks with Amanda Jones about the complexity of adoption, the perspective you have to have when your family is involved in ministry, the concept of baby bangs and so much more!

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Jamie talks with Jillian Lauren about her former life as a member of a harem, what it's like to be a "weezer-wife" and the complications of adoption.

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Happy Hour #55 is with my friend Jessica Honegger. As Co-CEO of Noonday Collection, Jessica spends her days inspiring others to live lives of purpose. She travels across the United States and around the world, training Ambassadors to be stylists and storytellers and visiting Artisans to encourage them in their work. When she’s off-duty, Jessica loves spending time with her husband Joe and their three kids, Amelie, Holden and Jack.


On today’s show we chat about Jessica’s journey of generosity weekend her and her husband just attended, cash budgets, medical fostering, Trader Joe’s, running a company as a Christian, how Noonday Collection is partnering with Adopt Together, and what her day to day looks like, and so much more! I love this woman and I know that you will be inspired and encouraged from our conversation!


A Journey of Generosity

Noonday Collection

Austin Business Journal article

Noonday Collection partnering with Adopt Together

More Info on hosting a #worldadoptionday trunk show

World Adoption Day! from Noonday Collection on Vimeo.


Medical fostering: Our sweet Fedna from Haiti

Three things Jessica is loving:

1. lipstick by Mac Cosmetics (all the proceeds go to HIV research)

2. Half-popped kernals from Trader Joe’s

3. For the Love byJen Hatmaker & Rising Strong by Brene Brown

Host a trunk show


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Royers Pie Haven started in Round Top, Tx.  When guests would come to just eat pie at Royers Round Top Cafe, they would have to  offer it to go or to enjoy on the front porch.  There came the opportunity for the Royers Pie Haven.  A place for over flow.  A place for guests to grab an amazing cup of coffee, along with a slice of pie or even a whole one in a relaxing, inviting & inspiring atmosphere.  A Sanctuary.  The Pie Haven offers other sweet & savory treats & even savory pies.  Perfect for breakfast, lunch & dinner!  They have two locations, one in Round Top & Austin. Mention you heard about them on The Happy Hour they will give you a free slice of pie with the purchase of a slice of pie!



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Today’s guests on the Happy Hour Podcast are Becca Harris and Maris Bush. Both of these ladies are heroes to me and they exhibit Jesus in their lives so much. I have known Maris for over ten years, and Becca and I met shortly after I moved to Austin six years ago. All of our families have been effected by adoption and during this podcast we dive into Becca & Maris' stories of how their families were brought together. We focus mostly on foster care, since Becca adopted her boys through the foster care system, and Maris and her husband Bush (his real name is Steven, but all his close friends call him Bush, so I'm giving you permission to do that as well) are currently fostering and hoping to adopt again as well.

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Happy Hour episode #5  is with Jessica Honneger. Jessica is one of my friends here in Austin and we met not longer after I moved here six years ago. She is a wife to Joe and momma to Amelie, Holden & Jack. She is also the founder of Noonday Collection, which I’m a HUGE fan of and love all of their jewelry. (and they have tons of stuff on sale right now!!) Last week on the podcast Wynne who is an ambassador with Noonday gave away a $50 gift card to Karen

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Happy Hour episode #4 with is with Wynne Elder. I’m not sure how Wynne and I met, but I think she’s a great woman who follows dreams passionately and you will hear that in her voice as we talk today. We talk about her road to her two babies that were born in Ethiopia, her fertility journey, their upcoming road trip, what books and bible studies we are reading now, some great 90′s heart throbs, Noonday, and lots of other fun stuff. Links from the show: Books about Rwanda — LEFT TO TELL & AN ORDINARY MAN (Hotel Rwanda story) Together for Adoption Conference Books we talked about: Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, Moms’ Night Out, Bird by Bird, Restless, Notes from a Blue Bike, Daring Greatly, The Locust Effect Bible Study’s we talked about: She Reads Truth, If Equip 90′s heart throb list & the picture of me + Zach Morris from when I worked in the radio world Article about teacher letting kids forfeit final exam if they gave up their cell phone for the week Follow her trip to Rwanda this summer with #styleforjustice Also, because Wynne is so awesome she’s offering one of YOU a $50 gift ...

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