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My guest for The Happy Hour # 270 is Rachel Proctor. Rachel is a Texas-bred entrepreneur who has a goal to revolutionize the way women lead in business, ministry and public service. Rachel previously served as the Mayor Pro Tem for the City of DeSoto, Texas. Rachel is also the co-owner of an Early Childhood Learning Center, an author, and the creator of the eMErge Online Devotional App.

Friends, through my conversation today with Rachel, I hope you hear that you do have a voice, and God can show you how to use it. Rachel and I start off the show talking about her time in public service as Mayor Pro Tem as well as what it was like running for Mayor. Rachel describes how each step and transition in her life has served as ways God helped her discover her own voice, and uncover the gifts and passions that were always in her. Listen in as Rachel speaks truth that ministry is not confined to the traditional roles we may think about. If you have a dream or passion but feel too overwhelmed to start, Rachel has practical advice for you! In the last part of the show, Rachel shares her perspective on being single, and how she's learning to live out her calling while also making room and preparing for what she hopes to see.

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