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My guest for The Happy Hour # 262 is Sarah Mae. Sarah is the author of The Complicated Heart: Loving Even When it Hurts, the story of how Sarah learned to love and forgive her alcoholic mother. She also hosts The Complicated Heart podcast, and speaks all over the country encouraging women to walk in freedom. Sarah lives in Lancaster, PA with her woodworker husband, Jesse, three kids, and two new puppies. 

On today's show you'll get to hear the incredible story of what God has done in the lives of Sarah and her mother. Sarah shares when she learned her mom was an alcoholic, and how the wounds of their relationship left her searching for love, affection, and security. Sarah tells us about her pregnancy and abortion at 16, and the moment she knew she had to get out of that destructive environment. You'll hear Sarah speak of how she came to know Jesus at 19, and I loved hearing how she saw God pursuing her throughout her life. We then discuss what it looked like for Sarah to confront her pain and grief, uncover the lies she believed, and learn to love and forgive her mother.  You guys, Sarah so graciously and openly lets us into her story, and she speaks such encouragement and hope that God is always there waiting, even in the pit. 

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