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My guest for The Happy Hour # 252 is Darbie Angell. Darbie describes herself as a confident girl entertaining with style and consumed with wanderlust. At 20 weeks pregnant and put on bed rest, Darbie started her luxury dinnerware business. Darbie's products can be found in Macy's, Bed Bath and Beyond, Dillard's, Bloomies, Kendra Scott stores, Amazon, and many more. Darbie's company also employs 3,000 women artisans in underdeveloped countries, and her main goal is to impact the world one plate at a time!

Have you ever asked yourself the question, "how do I invest in what God's given me?" You're going to be inspired to dig into that question after you hear Darbie's story. Darbie starts off telling us how she made the decision to start her business when she was 20 weeks pregnant and put on bed rest. You'll hear her talk about her side hustle selling diamonds that provided the capital she needed to ramp up her business. With a legal pad, tenacity, and following the path God was calling her to, Darbie (still on bed rest!) got her business off the ground. Darbie openly shares how the road hasn't been easy, and there have been roadblocks and challenges. We also get to hear about the impact she's making in Bangladesh at her factory through providing employment for women, access to healthcare, and creating a safe home/orphanage to help children escape from exploitation at brothels. You guys, Darbie didn't start her business when everything was "perfect", and I hope after hearing her story you're inpsired to ask God what you can start doing now with what's He's given you!

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