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My guest for The Happy Hour # 246 is Jordan Lee Dooley. Jordan is an author, podcaster, and lifestyle entrepreneur whose mission is to equip women with the tools they need to show up for what they’re made to do. Jordan's first book, Own Your Everyday, released last week and is a great encouragement for women to find purpose in their everyday, right where they are. Jordan is happily married to her college sweetheart, Matt, and they are now business partners who work side by side from their farmhouse in the Indiana countryside — and raise chickens in their free time.

Jordan and I start off the show talking about being coachable and that no matter what your age, we always have something to learn. Jordan tells the story of how winning her third grade handwriting contest provided the inspiration for her hand-lettering business in college. It was this side hustle that led to many late nights packaging up her products with her sorority sisters talking about the big and small things in life. Jordan shares that these conversations helped her realize the opportunity to connect her passion for ministry and business. No matter how small what you're doing may feel like, God can use your voice and skills for great things. Jordan describes how we can change our perspective on failure, prepare strategically, and "take a leap with faith". We also dive into those uncomfortable feelings such as jealousy and insecurity. But, you guys Jordan is about action. She tells us how we can equip ourselves with the tools we need to fight it by identifying and owning the root cause of these feelings.

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