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On today's show, Episode #244, I'm celebrating the 5th birthday of The Happy Hour! My guests for this special show are two of my team members: Amanda Brown and Lyndsey Sweeney. My team and I thought what better way to celebrate five years of The Happy Hour than to answer questions from you! You guys sent in some really great ones, and we tried to cover it all. On the show today you'll hear us chat about The Happy Hour team and what everyone does, and get some behind the scenes details on what it looks like to get one of these shows into your earbuds each week. I answer questions on how we choose guests, why I decided to start recording only in-person, and how I prepare for shows. Be sure to check out all the links for this week's show because we also talk about favorite podcasts, what we're loving, and of course our favorite episodes of The Happy Hour. 

Friends, when I started this show five years ago I couldn't imagine where it would take me and I want to express my sincere thank you for listening each week, and allowing me the opportunity to share the stories of so many incredible women. I am truly honored to do this job, and my hope is that each show will inspire, encourage, and point you to Jesus. 

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