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My guest for The Happy Hour # 243 is Kate Merrick. Kate is an author, speaker, mom of three, and the cofounder of the Reality family of churches with her husband Britt. She also specializes in making up dances to The Greatest Showman soundtrack, riding a surfboard, horse, or roller skates, and adding more butter to pretty much everything. She lives in Carpinteria, California with her family, five chickens, two goats, and two miniature donkeys.

I'm so happy to welcome Kate back to the show this week. If you missed her the first time she was on The Happy Hour, you definitely need to take a listen. On that show, Kate and I talked through what it was like losing her daughter Daisy in 2013. On today's show, we dive into what she learned about being fully present while in Israel for treatments for Daisy. Kate shares why she and her family are not on social media, and why they left their smart phones in America when they traveled to Israel. Kate brings up such good questions to consider when she encourages us to look at life as a collection of moments instead of focusing only on the "big" things. When we think of life as a collection of moments, then how should we spend our time? I loved talking with Kate about the importance of reflecting on how we spend our time and honestly asking ourselves if it drains us or lifts us up. I am such a big fan of Kate's and I know you will be encouraged by our conversation today. 

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