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My guest for The Happy Half Hour #6 is my friend, Gloria Furman. Gloria and her family live in Dubai, where they started a church. She was a fan favorite back in the early days when she joined me for episode #19. You can listen to that show here. She's back today to catch up and share with me about her latest book, Missional Motherhood. Guys, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Please pick up a copy today, and send one to a friend if you're feeling virtuous.

And of course, true to Happy Half Hour form, we go through our usual questions about her favorite app, her key to success, how she recharges and her pet peeve. I love a good pet peeve, but I think Gloria needs a new one, because hers is easily solvable. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

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My guest for Happy Hour #90 is the very beautiful Lauren Chandler. Lauren is a momma of three kids and wife to Matt Chandler, the lead pastor at The Village Church and President of Acts 29 Network. She recently released her first book: Steadfast Love. I am nearly half way through reading it and loving it so much.

On the show, Lauren shares how she and Matt met while she was a camper at a camp at which Matt was speaking. She insists that it's a little less interesting than it sounds, but I will let you decide. Either way, it's fun to imagine how cute those two were back then.

Lauren shares her journey with Celebrate Recovery, a biblical program that aims to help people overcome their hurts, hang-ups and habits. She tells about how difficult it was to get over the fear of losing people's approval and admitting that she was a sinner in need of a savior to redeem every part of her story. Lauren is now a huge advocate and supporter of recovery ministries.

Lastly, Lauren and I talk about what it was like to learn that her husband was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Many of you, like me, may have heard bits and pieces of their story or have read their story, but I think you will love hearing Lauren's perspective and how the Lord used the events to confirm God as sustainer in their lives. They have a powerful story and I am so thankful that Lauren is being faithful to share.

{You can listen to the show HERE. And of course, I would love if you would share with your friends. Just use the FB & Twitter links at the end of this post!}

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Celebrate Recovery

The Village Church: Recovering Redemption


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Green River Ordinance

Lauren's Album: The Narrow Place

Lauren's Book: Steadfast Love

Believing God by Beth Moore +  You Are What You Love by James K.A. Smith + Sensing Jesus by Zack Eswine + Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls + Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls

What Lauren is loving: Zum Products: Frankincense and Myrrh, Djinni Magic Bath Cream and YouWood Watches

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Jamie talks with, prolific author, Elyse Fitzpatrick about parenting, listening and God's faithful grace...

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The guest for The Happy Half Hour #5 is Jessica Turner. She was on The Happy Hour back in the stone ages on episode #30. On today's show, we catch up and talk about everything from her favorite TV series, books and app. She shares that she recharges by reading and has learned how to do that in her normal days during times of waiting (did you know that on average, we are waiting on something or someone for 45-60 minutes every day!?). And finally, I learned that her pet peeve of incorrect grammar is probably going to keep her from reading this post, so I am pretty sure I can say anything I want. It was so fun catching up with Jessica. I think you'll love hearing from her again.

If you have tuned in for these first few episodes of The Happy Half Hour, you know that I am asking the same few questions of my guests. If you have any questions you'd like for me to consider asking, please feel free to leave a comment! I love hearing from you, and hearing what you think about the show. Thanks so much for listening!

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Jessica's Book: The Fringe Hours


The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom + Glory Over Everything by Kathleen Grissom

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My guest for Happy Hour #88 is Amy from The Bobby Bones Show. Amy and I met several years ago during my short-lived career in radio. Since then, she and her team have gained a ton of popularity and have millions of listeners today. Most of you, I imagine, are among those millions and are familiar with Amy and The Bobby Bones Show. If not, make sure to check them out and tune in for some hilarious morning show listening.

One of the best parts of my conversation with Amy was getting the chance to hear a story from her with so much detail, honesty and vulnerability...without her co-hosts adding their commentary. Don't get me wrong. I love me some Bobby and Lunchbox, but sometimes we girls need our time without the jokers. Am I right?

Amy shares her experience of being a military wife and how protecting the health of their marriage led them to make some difficult decisions. She and her husband have struggled with infertility and are now pursuing adoption. She shares what the journey has been like for them, how God led her husband to adoption through a book and now how they are in the final steps of adopting two children from Haiti. Lastly, Amy shares the story of her mom's brave fight against cancer. If you've listened to her show, no doubt, you've heard how close Amy and her mom were. As she shares her story, how her father was in and out of the picture for so long, how she and her sister took care of her in her final days, I am confident that you will be moved by the themes of strength, grace to forgive and selflessness - both from Amy and her mother.

I already knew I loved Amy, but this conversation...gracious. I've only cried a few times on my show and turns out, this is one of them. Amy has been so faithful to use her platform to share her stories and to point her listeners to her rock and her salvation. I know you will love hearing from her.


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Hospice Austin's Christopher House

Austin Ridge Bible Church

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Bare Bones by Bobby Bones + Adopted for Life by Russell Moore + Everybody's Got Something by Robin Roberts

Kimberly Snyder and her Hot Water and Lemon

What Amy is loving: Clue App, Glowing Green Smoothie and Shauna Niequist's Savor

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In this episode, Jamie talks to four different kinds of moms and gets their perspectives as well as what it means to be a mom on Mother's Day...

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