The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Jamie talks with Shay Shull about infertility, adoption, Disney cruises, Netflix passions, that time her brother was on The Bachelor and so much more!

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Jamie talks with entrepreneur, mom, pastor's wife and Pantone Color expert, Kat Armstrong...

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In this bonus episode, Jamie is joined by Emily Lex to talk about finding your why, strategic planning for dinner and the value of not breaking your feet.

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Jamie talks with pop culture and stepping out on faith with fellow podcaster and pop culture expert, Jamie Golden.

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Jamie talks with author, speaker and adoptive mom, Rachel Garlinghouse about health, adoption and Honest Toddlers.

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Jamie is joined by Jess Connolly for the first ever Happy Hour bonus episode.

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Jamie talks with blogger and podcaster, Jessie Artigue, about Vespas and making time to take care of yourself...

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