The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Jamie talks with fellow podcaster Mandy Rose about her Vegas marriage, being a newlywed without her husband for over a year and adoption...

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Jamie talks with writer Jami Nato about marital infidelity and the spiritual journey God took her marriage on when confronted with that.

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Jamie talks with author Sarah Bessey about motherhood, giving yourself permission to be something more than a mom, miscarriages and faithfulness.

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Jamie talks with Amanda Jones about the complexity of adoption, the perspective you have to have when your family is involved in ministry, the concept of baby bangs and so much more!

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Jamie talks with Debbie about the value of mentors and the reality of the different seasons and stages of our lives.

How Debbie writes using the stream of thought method and the importance of observing the Sabbath and giving grace to ourselves.

They even talk about how important it is to laugh and why Youtube Tuesday should be a part of your schedule.

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