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Happy Hour episode #4 with is with Wynne Elder. I’m not sure how Wynne and I met, but I think she’s a great woman who follows dreams passionately and you will hear that in her voice as we talk today. We talk about her road to her two babies that were born in Ethiopia, her fertility journey, their upcoming road trip, what books and bible studies we are reading now, some great 90′s heart throbs, Noonday, and lots of other fun stuff. Links from the show: Books about Rwanda — LEFT TO TELL & AN ORDINARY MAN (Hotel Rwanda story) Together for Adoption Conference Books we talked about: Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, Moms’ Night Out, Bird by Bird, Restless, Notes from a Blue Bike, Daring Greatly, The Locust Effect Bible Study’s we talked about: She Reads Truth, If Equip 90′s heart throb list & the picture of me + Zach Morris from when I worked in the radio world Article about teacher letting kids forfeit final exam if they gave up their cell phone for the week Follow her trip to Rwanda this summer with #styleforjustice Also, because Wynne is so awesome she’s offering one of YOU a $50 gift ...

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Today’s Happy Hour Podcast is with a great friend of mine Amanda Brown. Amanda and I met at church when we both started an intensive development program and we have been friends every since then. What I love about Amanda is that she’s so honest and truthful to her friends. She challenges me in ways I have not been challenged in before, and yet is so compassionate when she challenges you. That’s Amanda & I in the middle with our friends Maris & Tiffany when we were in London last year! In this podcast we discuss her running the Boston Marathon this year (try not to cry when she talks about it), Friday Night Lights and how I think it’s promoting bad behaviors to teenagers (although I love it and can’t stop watching), her being an extra on FNL, her bucket list, the Bachelorette and all the drama it involves, her Etsy store, mascots (and how I was one: see photo below!), small Texas towns, and how you couldn’t pay us enough money to go back to high school

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This podcast was super fun to record because I just love my friend Jen. She’s an author, speaker, wife, mom, and most recently a reality tv star! We talked about: Supper Club vacations books and books and more books American Idol my social media fast talking to our kids about sex and 2nd podcast in a row that I have started singing on … could this be something that happens every time? Only time will tell! You will love this podcast and I hope that you share with your friends! *Jen and I with our Supper Club girls, Melissa & Noel* Here are some links to the show that you might be interested in: Jen Hatmaker books Jen’s website The books that Aaron & I use to talk with our kids about sex: The Story of Me We talked about how I hate cooking when Aaron’s out of town, and I’m here to tell you that I only made pasta ONE TIME this past week! On Monday I made broccoli soup, then on Tuesday I made a roast in the crock pot (and by the way just putting anything in the crock pot, and then working all day makes you ...

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I DID IT!  My very first podcast! I can’t believe it. If you have been reading my blog at all, you know I’ve talked about wanting to do this  for a while now. What has been holding me back is the simple fact that I don’t know how to create a podcast. To me that seems like a rather big obstacle, don’t you think? But, needless to say I was listening to a podcast about podcasting the other day (funny, I know) and their advice to us newbies was to just do it. To jump in with two feet and get it moving

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