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Happy Hour #47 is with my friend Jess Connolly who I just love and adore! I met her last year at the Influence Conference and she was actually on episode #18 of The Happy Hour! Jess is passionate about speaking to women and inspiring them to walk with the Lord in the abundant life they have access to. Every conversation I have with Jess I leave feeling more inspired to live the life God has for me, and more in love with God. She has a way of making you feel as though you are the most important person in her world in that moment. Her and husband have four kids and live in Charleston, SC where they have planted a church and her company, Naptime Diaries, is located.

On this show we chatted about her overcoming her hatred of Summer, her new book, Wild and Free, that she just recently turned into the publisher, and releases in April of 2016. Jess explains the Influence Network and why they exist. Jess surprises me with her love of cheesy romantic novels about the South, and you will love the three things she's loving these days!

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