The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Today's guest on the Happy Hour podcast is Lindsey Paschal. Lindsey is a wife to Dan, and momma to two boys, one of which was born a few weeks ago. Previously to staying home full time Lindsey was a teacher. Last year she documented her journey to reading 52 books via her instagram account.  She ended up reading 56 books.

On this podcast we discuss Lindsey's life as a teacher, and go through all the books that she read. Because of this conversation I decided that I would try and read 36 books in 2015. Eeeekkk. Hopefully I can make that!

Lindsey and I both keep up with all of the books that we read on GoodReads. It's an easy way to keep record of books that you have read and a running list of books that you want to read. Whenever I hear about a new book I want to read I just add it to my "to-read" section and when I'm ready for a new book I have a whole list at my disposal.

Follow Lindsey's book reading journey via her instagram account HERE. Find all of the Happy Hour Podcast episodes HERE.

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