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My guest for The Happy Hour # 269 is Ashley McCrary. Ashley who goes by "Mac", is a teacher and recipe creator and developer of Healthy Little Peach, a health and lifestyle blog. Ashley and her husband Joel live in Missouri and have 2 beautiful little girls, Eloise and Eleanor.

Friends, I just loved talking with Mac today, and I hope you are as encouraged as I was by her story. Mac shares how childhood wounds from verbal abuse made her believe she was unworthy and unlovable. Mac describes how this led to a dysfunctional relationship with food and feeling like she had to achieve so that maybe then, she could be loved. Mac vulnerably shares the moment when the Lord met her, opened her eyes to His love for her, and set her free. Mac also tells us about the challenging road of navigating PCOS, including how hard it can be to get a diagnosis. You'll also hear how changing the way she saw food grew into not only improvements in her PCOS symptoms, but also to the creation of Healthy Little Peach! 

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