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My guest for The Happy Hour # 266 is Jaci Velasquez. Jaci released her first album at just 16 years old and is a multi-platinum selling, Grammy nominated artist as well as author, actress, wife, and momma to two boys, Zealand and Soren. Her newest book When God Rescripts Your life: Seeing Value, Beauty, and Purpose When Life is Interrupted releases this week!

Jaci and I start off the show talking about what makes us nervous, and Jaci shares how she has learned to pause, let go of control, and ask the Holy Spirit to do the work. You'll also hear how much Jaci loves being involved at her boys' schools because you guys, she was always on the road and never got to experience it! Jaci opens up about what it was like to start recording so young, and reaching her darkest place where she felt the only option was to run away. I think we can all relate when Jaci speaks about God rescripting life in ways we hadn't planned or expected such as learning what were God dreams vs. "me" dreams. In the last part of the show we talk about trust, and I know you will love and be so, so encouraged that God cares about the big things and the small things when you hear her story of the bus driver Mr. Fred.

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