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My guest for The Happy Hour # 253 is Stevie of Built by Stevie. Stevie was born and raised in South Florida and describes herself as a long, windy road Christ follower. Stevie now lives in Nashville where she is a #carpentHER and designs and makes furniture full time through her all female run company, Built By Stevie.

Stevie and I start off the show talking about how learning to install a ceiling fan led Stevie later create her woodworking business, Built By Stevie. Woodworking started out as just something on the side, but after some unexpected and tough situations, God nudged her through a good friend to start Built by Stevie.

Please note in the second half of the show, Stevie and I talk about sexual abuse which I want to be sure I warn you about in case it could be a trigger point for you. No details of the abuse are shared, but Stevie honestly shares her journey of the road of healing from the sexual abuse that she endured as a child. I am so thankful to Stevie for her vulnerability and how she points to the hope we have with Jesus in the midst of suffering and when life is messy and hard. 

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