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My guest for The Happy Hour # 242 is Lincee Ray. Lincee is an author, speaker, and accidental blogger from Texas who now writes for Entertainment Weekly and the Associated Press. She can be found at her popular website, where she makes it clear that she believes it's important to tell your story -- even if it makes you seem a little crazy.

Lincee and I start off the show chatting about how she started writing recaps of The Bachelor. What she thought was just an email to a few friends quickly grew to a list of 1,000 people! Lincee explains how those emails landed her a job writing for Entertainment Weekly and the Associated Press - I mean, can we say coolest jobs ever? Lincee shares that she started writing the show recaps as she was going through the hardest time in her life, and I loved hearing her speak about how God used this crazy tv show in her story. It is such an encouragement of how God can use all things for His purpose.  Lincee and I also talk about dealing with that feeling of "something's missing". In the last part of the show, we get to hear about the Bible study Lincee leads, her newest book It's A Love Story, and the little ways she finds to point people to Jesus. I had so much fun with Lincee today and I know you're going to enjoy this show!

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