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My guest for The Happy Hour # 241 is Jada Edwards. Jada is a Bible teacher and discipler. She has committed her life to equipping women of all ages, at all stages, with practical, biblical truth to help them live authentic and transparent lives. Jada currently serves as the Creative Services Director and the Women's Director for One Community Church, where her husband Conway serves as the Lead Pastor.

Jada and I start off the show talking about what reconciliation looks like when things are messy. We also dig into something we all need to examine in our hearts - are we maximizing someone else's sin and minimizing our own? I loved hearing Jada's story of how she asked God simply "show me how do I do this", and the changes she saw happen in her life. We then dive into discussing how we "set up people for failure, when we're waiting for them to be something they're not". Lastly, we talk about what it looks like to truly live the Gospel and have it influence everything you do. As Jada stated so well, "your job doesn't have to be in ministry, but ministry needs to be in every job." 

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