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My guest for The Happy Hour # 234 is Scarlet Hiltibidal. Scarlet is a wife, mother, and author of Afraid of All the Things and He Numbered the Pores on My Face. She also writes a regular column for ParentLife Magazine. Scarlet loves sign language with her daughters, nachos by herself, writing for her friends, and learning how to be a pretend-farmer with her husband in Middle Tennessee.

Scarlet and I start off the show talking about anxiety. We discuss how it can sometimes be glossed over, how some don't even realize they struggle with it, and how anxiety can be absolutely debilitating. You'll hear Scarlet share how she realized she was afraid of all the things which led to an eating disorder, declining health, secrets, and living a life she was praying God would heal. Scarlet's story of how God called her to bring her secret into the light gives such encouragement to anyone feeling shame or hiding something you think could never be told. Scarlet then tells us how she began to truly rest in Jesus and realize that instead of focusing on all the things, she needed to look up, at God. Scarlet says, "if we are looking at Him, we see life, and hope and love." In the last part of the show, Scarlet shares with us the story of the adoption of her daughter Joy. You guys, adoption was one of the things Scarlet had always been afraid of, and you're going to love hearing her speak of the incredible things God did through their adoption journey.

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