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My guest for The Happy Hour # 233 is Lisa Leonard. Lisa is a momma, author, and business owner. Together with her husband Steve, they built a thriving jewelry business, Lisa Leonard Designs. Lisa and Steve have been married 20 years, and have two boys, David and Matthias. Steve and Lisa live in California and her first book, Brave Love, came out in January! 

Lisa and I start off the show talking about how she started her business. Lisa then opens up about how she felt like the true Lisa was disappearing in efforts to accommodate others. I appreciated her honesty when she spoke about the fear of rejection she felt when she decided that she wouldn't hide the true Lisa anymore. Lisa and I then talk about what it's been like parenting a special needs child. You will love hearing her story of how God prepared her heart for having a special needs child in the most incredible way through a non-verbal second grader.  Lisa also shares about the grief she's been through. I think we can all relate when you hear her speak of the struggle of confronting dark places of grief instead of putting on a happy face and pretending we're okay. At the end of the show, I had Lisa do something I've never done on my show - read aloud from her book! I loved hearing her words, and I know you'll be encouraged to live life with Brave Love. 

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